Sky Drive In Thailand

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Welcome to Thai Sky Adventures

Because the Sky is the Limit!

Here at Thai Sky Adventures in Pattaya, we offer a number of methods to complete one of life’s most memorable experiences – a Sky Dive. The easiest and safest way to make that big leap is a Tandem Jump.

In this method, you are attached to a highly experienced instructor using a dual harness, single container parachute designed for two.

Tandem Sky Dive

On your life changing Tandem Jump, you will be briefed by your highly experienced sky dive instructor about the jump, and then you’ll be on the aircraft enjoying the scenic ride up to altitude. You can see the Gulf of Thailand, beautiful beaches and Pattaya city – then it’s time to Jump!!!

After you exit the aircraft, securely fastened to your instructor, enjoy the freefall and the adrenaline rush as you fall at speeds up to 220 Kph (125 Mph) per hour!! You can activate or “Pull” the parachute and steer it as well. The parachute ride is exhilarating as you float down back to earth.

In order to undertake a Tandem Jump, YOU DO NOT need to speak or understand ENGLISH. Minimum age for sky diving is 14 years with parental consent (in writing) otherwise 18 years.

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Tandem Jump Group Discount’s

1 Person ฿ 11,350
2-3 People ฿ 10,900
4-5 People ฿ 10,500
6-7 People ฿ 10,100
8-9 People ฿ 9,700
10+ People ฿ 9,300

1 Bath @2.85 BDT



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